This is a review of the Peet’s Ricchezza coffee capsule for the Nespresso Original Line machine. This is a dark roast and has an intensity rating of 8, and is made with 100% arabica coffee and there is 5.3 grams of coffee per capsule.


The Peet’s Ricchezza has medium to light notes of fruit and flowers. It has a very thin crema and dissipates quickly. Peet’s claims it has blossom, berry, brown sugar notes.


So far, the Peet’s Ricchezza is the best of the Peet’s coffees that I’ve tried, but it’s still not at the level of any Nespresso coffee. It is sweet on the tongue with no bitterness. There is not really any character to the coffee. It tastes something like berry, but only very mild notes of berry and not very appealing. NOTE: I had to brew this as a Ristretto size cup, since brewing as an Espresso size makes it just too watery.


I’m not very impressed with the Peet’s Ricchezza because it doesn’t really have any character. Even brewing it as a Ristretto size cup doesn’t make it that much better. You’re better off getting any of the Starbucks by Nespresso capsules rather than Peet’s, since none of the Peet’s capsules seem to be of good tasting coffee; you can also get the Starbucks by Nespresso capsules at good prices if you shop around.