This is a review of the Artizan Heavenly Project Espresso Blend coffee which is a Nespresso compatible capsule for the Original Line (OL) machine. These capsules are plastic and use biodegradable plastic, which use Ecovio (derived from corn). Artizan uses a split roast technique (similar to Nespresso) to create this coffee, and the beans used are Indonesian and South American arabicas plus Indian robustas. Caffeine content is 75 mg per capsule and there is 5.5 grams of coffee per capsule. Each box is stamped on the side with the roasted on date and also the best before date. The sleeve I received was roasted on February 28th, 2019, which is very recent.

I noticed the sleeves use very thick cardboard, and are very hard to open. They don’t have perforations like the Nespresso sleeves do, and you have to either pry or cut the end of the sleeve to open them. So they are really hard to open.


The Artizan Heavenly Project has a spicy, almost like lemon like aroma to it. Plus I’m getting slight plastic aromas.


I’m getting manufacturing tastes after brewing the Artizan Heavenly Project, which tastes like the biodegradable plastic that is used to encapsulate the coffee. So I decided not to continue drinking them. I had a similar kind of taste from the HiLine plastic capsules (I tried a variety of the HiLine samples), but even worse, and I ended up throwing them all out.

I can tell that these Artizan coffee capsules contain really good coffee, but then my question is: why use a biodegradable material that is going to leech the plastic flavor into the coffee??? It just does not make sense.


The Artizan Heavenly Project Espresso Blend personally are not for me, because I don’t want to drink anything that may potentially harm my body. I really wanted to like this coffee, but the result is that these are undrinkable. I will throw these in the trash.

If you are a employee or staff of Artizan, I’m curious why you have not tried to use aluminum capsules. The cost of these per sleeve is around the $7.00 USD mark, which is close to the Nespresso price, and if a better quality capsule (like aluminum) was used, you would probably have a very good market for this product. Amcor makes aluminum capsules for coffee manufacturers for just this purpose. Plus aluminum is infinitely recyclable, so there is no waste issue.