This is an article about Peet’s Nespresso compatible capsules for Nespresso Original Line (OL) machines. I do a number of reviews of Nespresso capsules throughout the year, and I decided to review the Peet’s capsules since they show up so much on r/nespresso, and I wanted to get a good evaluation of them. I ordered this variety pack of 4 types from Amazon, but you can buy them at a cheaper cost at Costco if you really like them. I got these, because I was not sure if I would like them much so I wanted to order the smallest amount with the most variety.


Peet’s capsules are manufactured and packaged by JDE (Jacobs Douwe Egberts), which also makes the packaging for Illy Nespresso compatible capsules and others. The packaging is okay, but I have noticed that the capsules can easily get crushed if they are not packaged with strong cardboard on the outside. My capsules were shipped in a nice strong outer cardboard box. On the end of the box is a best before date stamp in the format “mm/dd/yyyy”.


Peet’s makes a total of 5 different types of coffee capsules for Nespresso OL machines. They are:

I’ve already had a chance to sample all except the Decaffeinato Ristretto (which was not included in the variety pack), and I’m finding all of them a bit watery (compared to Nespresso capsules). So I find that you really need to brew them at least as a Ristretto size to get good aromas/flavor.