The Nespresso La Cumplida Refinada is part of the Master Origins series of coffee by Nespresso, but is a Limited Edition release and was introduced on March 23, 2021. The technique for this coffee is innovative fermentation, which is a natural fermentation technique which produces a special red fruity taste. The beans used are 100% arabicas and a split roast technique is used to get the best flavor / aroma.


The Nespresso La Cumplida Refinada has a strong fruity aroma to it. It definitely has a candied cherry like aroma as Nespresso has described, and is very nice. I would also describe it as flowery fragrance, and a very enjoyable fragrance. Nespresso describes the aroma as pomegranate, but I would say more like apricot (I have both kinds of these fruit trees in my back yard).


The Nespresso La Cumplida Refinada has very strong fruity notes to it. It tastes like something that is fermenting, and it is a very special taste that I haven’t tried in any other coffee at all. Nespresso mentions a taste profile of pomegranate, but I would say possibly apricot. It’s a very nice tasting coffee, and would be excellent for people that enjoy might lighter roasts.


I suspect the Nespresso La Cumplida Refinada will be very popular with people that like much lighter roasts and that like strong notes of fruit in their coffee. I can not compare this to any other coffee that I’ve tried, but regardless it is an extremely excellent coffee and I suggest you get at least one sleeve to try it out.

Enjoy your coffee!