This is a review of the Peet’s Nerissimo coffee capsule for the Nespresso Original Line machine. This is a dark roast and has an intensity rating of 11, and is made with 100% arabica coffee, and each capsule contains 5.3 grams of coffee.


The Peet’s Nerissimo does have a caramel like aroma to it. The aroma is very mild and possibly like mild flowers. The crema produced is very thin and dissolves very quickly.


The Peet’s Nerissimo does feel sweet on the tongue, but then has a light bitter aftertaste, plus also notes of sourness which is not that pleasant. The coffee feels very thin in the mouth, and actually does not make me think that it is a very intense coffee – yet for the Peet’s Nespresso capsule coffees, this is supposed to be the most intense coffee.

NOTE: Since the Peet’s coffees are all too watery even when brewed as a Ristretto size, I use the technique of first running a single shot of Ristretto size, then waiting about 30 seconds and then run the Ristretto size once more (through the same capsule). This produces a much better resulting coffee overall.

The Peet’s Nerissimo tastes much better when brewed using the double Ristretto size technique above, with slight caramel notes, and still has the sour aftertaste. I’m getting a stronger intensity as well. The coffee is much better this way, and I find it to be reasonable for the cost.


The Peet’s Nerissimo is very disappointing, for this type of manufactured capsule (aluminum and nitrogen sealed), I was expecting the coffee to be a lot better than this. It’s much, much better using the double Ristretto technique, but that is a concern because you have to go through the trouble of pressing the Ristretto button twice and timing it properly. Why aren’t the Peet’s capsules strong enough even just using a single Espresso pour? Thus I can’t really recommend these.