This is a review of the Peet’s Ristretto coffee capsule for the Nespresso Original Line machine. This is a dark roast and has an intensity rating of 10, and is made with 100% arabica coffee and each capsule has 5.3 grams of coffee.


The Peet’s Ristretto has a light fruit aroma and spice like aroma to it. The coffee has chocolate notes when it is being brewed. The crema is very thin in comparison to most Nespresso coffees. The chocolate notes maintain even after swirling the coffee for a while in the cup.


The Peet’s Ristretto has a very strong flavor to it. It has light bitterness. I notice a somewhat annoying sour aftertaste that appears after you have finished the drink completely. Peet’s claims there are spice, fruit and chocolate notes to it but I find there is no distinct character notes to the coffee at all, it’s just intense. My guess is that most people won’t like the sour aftertaste.


I’m somewhat disappointed with the Peet’s Ristretto. I was expecting the Ristretto to be the most fruity and tasty of the lot, but this one just doesn’t have any character whatsoever. You’re probably better off buying any Nespresso coffee or any Starbucks by Nespresso capsules.