In January 2021 Nespresso introduced the Buenos Aires Lungo, which is a brand new Lungo and part of the redesign of the existing Nespresso Lungos. You can read my article Nespresso 2021 New Lungos Information for a more detailed information about the changes in the existing Nespresso Lungos. This article is a review of the Nespresso Buenos Aires Lungo for the Original Line machine (there are no Lungos for the Vertuo Line).

This coffee used in the Buenos Aires is a washed Colombian arabica and a Ugandan robusta using a split roast technique with a short and longer roast. Nespresso states that the coffee has nutty cereal, and sweet popcorn aromatic notes to it.


I’m getting toasty/buttery notes from the Nespresso Buenos Aires Lungo. Possibly like a candy floss or candy like aroma to it. It’s a great light fragrance that you can enjoy.


Yes, the Nespresso Buenos Aires Lungo does taste like popcorn. I had my doubts – but yes indeed it does. It is a very nice taste with light cereal notes to it as well. It is sweet on the tongue, and then has light bitterness (possibly sourness) to it afterwards. It is a very light roast.


The Nespresso Buenos Aires Lungo is an awesome Lungo, in particular if you want something very light and with a very unique taste profile to it. You will be surprised at the popcorn notes in it. I highly suggest you try at least one sleeve to get a feel for it.

NOTE: Even though this is a light tasting coffee, since it uses a robusta, it does have a lot of caffeine. According to Nespresso Taiwan, it is 104 mg per capsule. See my caffeine spreadsheet for reference. Also, after almost finishing an entire sleeve of the Buenos Aires Lungo, I find the coffee a bit too watery for my liking.