This is the review of the Illy Forte Extra Bold Roast coffee capsule for Nespresso Original Line machines. This is an Espresso size brew coffee and is the most intense for the Illy capsules. No indication is given on the sourcing of the coffee other than it is 100% arabica coffee. The box also does not describe the roasting techniques, and on the side there is only a best by date not a production date (like Nespresso has).


The Illy Forte Extra Bold Roast coffee has a very indistinguishable aroma to it. Possibly chocolate notes as their website describes. It has a good quality thick crema and the bubbles are very small and it persists for a long time.


The Illy Forte Extra Bold Roast coffee is sour on the tongue. It’s a strong coffee and has a very thick feel to it, but I’m not liking the sourness to it. I believe it has a chocolate taste to it, but the sour notes are quite overpowering that makes it not that desirable.


I was expecting that paying such a premium cost for the Illy Forte Extra Bold Roast coffee, that it would have just a mind blowing aroma and taste to it, but that is just not the case here. Also the cardboard packaging is not that great, and capsules can become easily damaged in shipping. One of the capsules in the box I received was slightly dented in the piercing area (water entry). Thus I’m really disappointed with this coffee.

If you’re looking for a really good intense coffee, I would suggest the Nespresso Napoli instead, or alternately the Nespresso Kazaar. Both are intense coffees, are very popular, and lower cost than the Illy capsules.