The Nespresso Peru Organic is a Master Origin (Single Origin) Limited Edition coffee that was first introduced in late 2020, and released in the US in January 2021. It consists of organically grown arabicas from Peru, and a split roast is used. Both roasts are light roasts.

UPDATE: As of 2022, the Peru Organic for Original Line has now become a regular coffee capsule available year round. The capsule can be brewed either as an espresso or lungo size cup, and has 5.8 grams of coffee per capsule.


The aroma of the Nespresso Peru Organic is toasted and fruity as also described by Nespresso. The aroma is a medium intensity aroma and is enjoyable.

When brewed as a Lungo sized cup, the Peru Organic has very strong vegetable notes. It’s smelling a lot like snow peas or something similar, and is a very strong aroma.


The Nespresso Peru Organic is very nice indeed. A very mellow, light fruity taste and possibly a green beans (vegetable) like taste to it. The coffee is light and smooth in the mouth and is first sweet on the tongue, and it has a long lasting light bitter aftertaste which is very nice indeed. And even though it is only rated at an intensity of 6, it seems like it is actually more intense.

UPDATE (2022): I tried brewing the Peru Organic as a Lungo sized cup. When brewed this way it does taste a bit watered down, but it takes on more cereal like tastes. It’s a very nice smooth tasting drink, with sweet and light bitter notes.

UPDATE (2022): When brewed as a espresso sized cup, the Peru Organic also is now having sour (acidic) notes to it. I can’t quite pick out the acidic taste comparisons, as normally acidity is similar to certain fruits. So the 2022 version now has both acidity and sweet notes, although it is not as sweet as the 2021 release, and I was liking the 2021 release a lot better.


The result is the Nespresso Peru Organic is definitely a nice coffee to get to try out. This certainly could be a daily coffee for some, although it is a Limited Edition for the Original Line and it won’t be around very long, so I suggest you get a sleeve as soon as you can. UPDATE: As of 2022, Peru is now a regular capsule.