The Nespresso Il Caffè is a Limited Edition coffee for the holiday season introduced in October 2020. It is an intense coffee that uses washed robustas from Vietnam and Indonesia plus a washed Colombian arabica. Nespresso uses the typical split roasting technique to build the complementary pairing of flavors and aromas. NOTE: Il Caffè is Italian for “The Coffee”; so you know this coffee is something special!


The Nespresso Il Caffè has peppery notes to it, maybe like a mild black pepper aroma.


The Il Caffè is a very strong tasting coffee. If you want a coffee with kick – this is it! You can feel the intensity as you drink it. It is lightly sweet with a light bitter aftertaste.

Also, one thing to keep in mind, this coffee has a lot of caffeine. It has 129mg and that is more than the 120mg that Kazaar has in comparison. Please take a look at this spreadsheet to see how much caffeine each OL capsule has.


The Nespresso Il Caffè is very nice seasonal Limited Edition coffee, but for me personally, I find it doesn’t have any character – it’s just strong. Regardless, I always suggest you try some just to see if you might like it better than I do.