The Nespresso Aged Sumatra is a Limited Edition coffee. It is Indonesian coffee produced using a special “giling basah” method, which is also called “wet hulling” but the technique is particular to Sumatra. After using the “wet hulling”, the coffee is then put into sacks for aging. There is a process to rotate the sacks and similar techniques to prevent the coffee from going bad.

This particular review release is from September 2020 (released in the US), and the coffee is from 2016 (vintage 2016); so more than 3 years of aging. The coffee comes from Gayo Mountain and uses Nespresso’s typical split-roasting technique, which is two different types of roasts combined together. A short roast for woodiness and sweetness, and a longer roast for the smoothness of the body of the coffee.

2022 Release: At the end of April 2022 in the US, Nespresso released a 2022 version of Aged Sumatra. The same vintage is used (2016), but now the coffee is aged for 5 years instead of 3 years. A new simpler black colored box is used this time. Price is $1.00 USD per capsule for OL capsules.


The Nespresso Aged Sumatra has a mild woody, earthy aroma to it. Although Nespresso claims there is a spicy aroma to it, there is a light spicy scent to it. There is almost some type of fruit or herb aroma to it. It is a very appealing aroma. The Nespresso Aged Sumatra can be brewed as either an Espresso size cup or a Lungo size cup; although the Lungo size brew has a somewhat watered down taste to it.

2022 Release: In addition to the same woody, earthy aromas, the 2022 version has buttery notes. It is extremely pleasant.


The Nespresso Aged Sumatra has an extremely smooth feel on the tongue when you sip it. It’s a velvety feel and the coffee feels thick. The Aged Sumatra has an intense taste to it, with earthy like tones to it. The first sip has a definite sweetness to it. An extremely wonderful taste, with bitter after notes. It awesome! If you’re not used to drinking coffee black, you may not like it.

2022 Release: Wow! This coffee is very smooth drinking and very very nice! Similar notes and very sweet. When I’m drinking the Aged Sumatra, it feels like it is really high in caffeine, even though it only has 68 mg of caffeine per capsule – as per my capsule spreadsheet.


You should definitely try the Nespresso Aged Sumatra since it’s a Limited Edition, and it may only come around once in a while. If you like the Nespresso Master Origin Indonesia coffee, then you will love this one.