This is a review of the Colonna Foundation Long Peru Oso Microlot coffee capsule for the Nespresso Original Line machine. The capsule is a Lungo size coffee. The coffee is grown in an natural ecosystem by farmers practicing organic techniques.


The Oso Microlot has avery mild aroma to it which is a herb-like aroma, and gives you a gentle feeling to it.


The Colonna Oso Microlot just like a number of the other Colonna coffees that I’ve tried, is a moreish type coffee. Where you have one cup and you always have that need for more. The Colonna Oso Microlot has a light fruitiness to it, with a hint of cocoa in the background. It’s a lighter less intense coffee; so if you like more intense coffees like Kazaar, you probably won’t like this one. The Oso Microlot hits the sweet part of the tongue.


Colonna makes very good quality coffee that works with the Nespresso Original Line machine. The Colonna Oso Microlot is a coffee that you can enjoy daily, it’s very light and refreshing.