This is a review of the Colonna Burundi Mubuga coffee, which is one of the Discovery Short types of coffees.

Colonna makes Nespresso capsules for the Original Line machine. The founder (Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood) is a barista champion and the coffee is truly unique. I wrote the post Colonna – a True Alternative to Nespresso where you can read more about them.


The Colonna Burundi Mubuga has a light crema with a light color to it and it dissipates quickly. The aroma is fruity, and a bit of pith aroma to it. Very nice but a light aroma. The coffee color is light brown and cloudy. There is some other light spicy aroma to it, but it’s not really like nutmeg.


The Colonna Burundi Mubuga definitely is “like” lemon, but not quite since lemon can be very sour and this coffee is just lightly sour. It has a “mealy” taste to it, like making you want to “eat” it. A very nice flavor.


The Colonna Burundi Mubuga is an awesome tasting coffee. If you like lighter tasting and a bit fruity tasting coffee, then you will love this one.

In comparison to the Nespresso capsule, if you like the Nespresso Master Origin Ethiopia coffee, then you will like the Colonna Burundi Mubuga.