This is a review of the Colonna Foundation Short capsule of the Guatemalan Waykan coffee.

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The Colonna Waykan definitely has a apple pie like aroma to it (as per the label below). Slightly like orange, but there is another familiar smell that I just can figure out what it is. Maybe a hazelnut smell to it.

Labeled characteristics

The aroma is really nice. It has a nice earthy/homely smell to it that makes you want to keep smelling it (enjoying it). Also the Guatemalan Waykan has a thin light colored crema to it.


The Colonna Foundation Waykan also tastes like baked apple pie. It can also make you hungry! This has a “mealy” like taste to it. The Guatemalan Waykan also has another special flavor to it, but can’t determine exactly. It hits the sour part of the tongue, but in a very nice way. It has a seed or a nut like taste to it, but I just don’t know what.


You will definitely want to order this. This is an awesome coffee, and in my opinion even better than some of the Nespresso coffees that are available! Variety is the spice of life!