The Nespresso Yemen – Exclusive Edition was introduced to the US site in April 2020. The coffee used in the Yemen capsule is 100% Arabican coffee with a medium to dark roasting used. This capsule should be brewed as an Espresso size cup.


The Nespresso Yemen – Exclusive Edition is definitely a special Gran Cru. At first I sensed a candy-like smell to it, and was always thinking it reminded me of something, but was just not sure as to what. Then it hit me – the aroma is like baked apple pie! It is an extremely nice smell, but in order to really enjoy the aroma, you will need to sit back and relax and slowly put your nose over your cup and take it in.


The Nespresso Yemen – Exclusive Edition has slight sweet taste to it, and has a slight bitter aftertaste. This reminds me of the taste of bitter dark chocolate.


The Yemen – Exclusive Edition is an awesome coffee! Definitely worth the $0.90 USD cost per capsule here in the US. It’s not as good as the Trieste Limited Edition, but it definitely has its character.