The Nespresso Capriccio Gran Cru capsule for the Original Line machine, is an espresso cup size capsule made with South American Arabicas and a touch of Robusta. This is a review of the capsule.


The Nespresso Capriccio coffee has a mild toasty or candy like aroma. It is not strong enough to fill the room with the aroma, so it is definitely mild.


The Nespresso Capriccio has a mild sweet taste to it. Possibly like Coca-cola with a slight sour aftertaste. It is a nice taste.


The overall result is that the Nespresso Capriccio is definitely a Gran Cru. It has a special character that is not the same as other Nespresso Espresso type capsules. You’ll definitely want to try a sleeve out to get familiar with it.