This review is about the Nespresso Roma Gran Cru capsule for the original line machine. This capsule can be brewed as either a Ristretto or Espresso cup size. NOTE: Nespresso has recently re-branded the Roma using the name “Ispirazione Italiana Roma”, but otherwise the coffee is exactly the same.


The Nespresso Roma smells is nutty/buttery, but not particularly a strong fragnance.


The Nespresso Roma has a sweet flavor with a very nice slight bitter aftertaste. The Nespresso Roma has a very thick crema and is dense in the mouth.

The Ispirazione Roma can be brewed either as a Espresso size or Ristretto size cup, and takes on a bit of a different taste profile when brewed as a Ristretto. I actually don’t like the Roma as a Espresso size and prefer now brewing as a Ristretto size cup. When brewed as a Ristretto size it now has fruity like tastes to it. It’s still a sweet tasting coffee, but has those fruity notes that are not overpowering; the fruity notes are similar to the Ispirazione Ristretto. There is still a very light bitter aftertaste.


I would definitely want to try out this Gran Cru capsule at least once, however, there are other more intense Nespresso capsules that I believe that are much better. For example, either of the Darkan or the Kazaar. Also, if you don’t like this one when brewed as an Espresso size, then definitely try brewing it as a Ristretto size.