This is a review of the Nespresso Firenze Arpeggio Decaffeinato Gran Cru Original Line coffee capsule. A very fine decaffeinated coffee capsule produced by Nespresso that will blow your socks off!


First, I suggest you throw away all previous perceptions of decaffeinated coffee that you have experienced in the past.

Most decaffeinated coffee out there tastes terrible, and you probably have a bad perception of decaffeinated coffee. With Nespresso, that perception will change, believe me it will change!

The Pour

Once you brew a shot, you will smell a fantastic aroma and relish the thick crema, and you will want to dive in and experience flavor.

A brewed Arpeggio Decaffeinato

The colour looks dark and rich and tempting.


The Arpeggio Decaffeinato smells like cocoa, but a bit smokey as well. Like a fine vintage wine.


The taste on the Coffee Flavour Wheel is Sour, Winey, Tangy. As I mentioned with the aroma, like a fine wine. As you sip it, you have a sour aftertaste that tastes lovely and lasts for a long time.


You better stock up! This is a great Gran Cru to cherish. I suggest you get a few, and if you like coffee in the afternoon or evening, this will be your favorite. Enjoy!