This is a review of the Nespresso Esperanza de Colombia Limited Edition original line capsule. Part of the Reviving Origins program; a plan to reintroduce coffee production as a means of living to farmers in countries where coffee production was reduced because of political instability.

See National Geographic’s Beyond the Bean for more information. Below is the 2020 sleeve

The packaging used is the front opening style sleeve. NOTE: In the summer of 2021, Nespresso did a redesign of the sleeves for the Reviving Origins coffees. Below is the sleeve for the summer of 2021:

The Aroma

The Nespresso Esperanza de Colombia coffee has a very mild smell. The smell is fruity like, maybe like cherry.

NOTE: In summer 2021, the Esperanza de Colombia has a slightly different aroma. Now it has a light cereal aroma plus fruit notes. The aroma is initially strong when just brewing, but then is very light.

The Taste

The Nespresso Esperanza de Colombia coffee has a thin crema and has a salt to sweet taste. It has a fruity taste as well, maybe like cherry, with a strong bitter aftertaste.

NOTE: In the summer of 2021, the Esperanza de Columbia no longer has a strong bitter aftertaste. There is a bitter aftertaste, but it’s very nice and mild. There are cereal notes to the coffee in addition to the cherry like tastes.


NOTE: I didn’t originally like the previous release of the Esperanza de Colombia, but in the summer of 2021 the coffee is much nicer. Definitely a nice coffee to try out.

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