This is a review of the Nespresso Fortissio Lungo Gran Cru capsule. The capsule is a “long” or Lungo brew capsule, which just means it’s brewed longer than an espresso shot. The size is 3.7 oz or 109 ml. The Lungo is suitable for people that prefer a bit more coffee in their cup than the much smaller espresso. The coffee used is a Indian monsooned malabar arabicas together with Columbian arabicas.


The aroma of the Fortissio Lungo is strong. I believe Nespresso uses the same beans as in the Master Origin India Gran Cru capsule. This coffee has a distinctive “wet” fragrance to it; like a monsoon! On the flavour wheel it is Malt-like, although not really Nutty. However as Nespresso describes, like cereal.


The taste is like wetness as well. However, the taste is probably Sweet, Mellow, Mild on the Flavour Wheel. A slight long lasting bitterness that adds to the uniqueness of this coffee.


Definitely a coffee that you’ll want to add to your collection. You can use this as your morning long (Lungo) coffee!

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