Symfony Global Parameters


It is often desirable to be able to use a global parameter in a Symfony controller. For example, instead of having to define a customer support email multiple times in various controllers, you can define the value of the email in the app/config/parameters.yml file and then get that value in your controller. This blog describes how to do that.

Parameters YAML File

First, go into your app/config/parameters.yml file and add the parameter that you need to use. In this example, I will call the parameter “support_email”, and the value of it will be “”.

# app/config/parameters.yml

Controller PHP File

Now in your Controller file you can use the above created parameter by simply using the getParameter(‘param’) method. Below, I show creating a SwiftMessage and setting the “To:” field of the email to the global parameter of the support email.

$message = \Swift_Message::newInstance()
 ->setSubject( 'Support Email' )
 ->setFrom( $form->get('user_email')->getData() )
 ->setTo( $this->getParameter('support_email') )
 ->setBody( $form->get('email_content')->getData() );



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